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Each year it seems that the number of computer crimes increases as technological advances multiply and more people access to gadgets and devices. The law has been slow to adjust to all of the new forms of computer criminal activity, however this does not change the severity of the punishments doled out to computer criminals when they are caught.

If you or someone you know is being investigated for a computer crime or has already been arrested for one, contact the Wichita criminal lawyer today to review your case.

At the law offices of the Wichita criminal lawyer, we can represent any case of computer criminal activity such as:

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Computer crimes can extend themselves over into other categories of crime such as domestic violence, sex crimes, and fraud. Any one of these subcategories carries very serious consequences. A computer crime charge for child pornography for instance (which is also a sex crime) could put you in prison for many years and force you to register as a state sex offender.

Any computer crimes that involve fraud or white-collar criminal activity could also result in a felony crime conviction.

Even if you are guilty, remember that you have rights. Let us help you beat your charges and protect your civil liberties by contacting the law offices of the Wichita criminal lawyer today to discuss your computer crimes case.