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Wichita Domestic Violence Lawyer

The state of Kansas recognizes domestic violence as a very serious act of assault. If you or someone you love has been accused of domestic violence, protect your rights and your reputation by contacting us here at the office of the Wichita criminal lawyer as soon as possible.

Domestic violence is any act of assault—physical or non-physical—against a person in your family, spouse or ex-spouse, and romantic or ex-romantic partners. Remember that the legal definition of assault does not necessarily indicate a physical action. Assault could be stalking, threats, or other forms of emotional abuse.

Our Wichita Criminal Attorney Can Help You

An accusation of domestic violence will result in being removed from your home, arrested, and taken to jail. It doesn’t matter if the accusations are completely false; the police have a legal obligation to remove you from a potentially dangerous situation. Being arrested for domestic violence oftentimes makes clients feel as if they have already been convicted, but please understand that the Wichita criminal lawyer can help your case no matter how hopeless it may seem. Even if you have been arrested, you are not necessarily guilty, or there may not be enough evidence to reach a conviction.

Every client has rights and must be treated fairly according to the law. Our legal team here at the law office of the Wichita criminal lawyer will work to the best of our ability to protect your civil liberties while working to achieve the best outcome possible for your case. Contact our office today for a free initial consultation regarding your case.