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Wichita Drug Crimes Attorney

The Wichita criminal lawyer has successfully defended drug offenders for many years. If you or your loved one has been charged with a drug crime, the Wichita criminal lawyer can help.

Our Wichita criminal defense legal team can represent any case of drug criminal activity such as:

Certain drug crimes such as possession of marijuana that is less than a gram may be charged as a simple misdemeanor. An offender may receive a period of probation, a fine, and any other punishment such as community service or a drug rehab program that a judge deems appropriate. However, more serious crimes such as manufacturing drugs, trafficking or distributing drugs to minors will more than likely be charged as felonies. With drug crimes, it is also possible to violate both state and federal prohibitions.

Our Wichita Criminal Lawyer Will Protect Your Rights

The Wichita criminal lawyer works to protect the rights and the interests of every client, especially those that may have attracted the attention of federal investigators.

No matter what type of drug charge you are facing, you need the best attorney possible to guide you through the complicated trial process that will ensue. An experienced attorney will investigate the actions of the law enforcement officials involved in your arrest, with the knowledge that police missteps are grounds to get your charges dropped.

If you are your loved one has been arrested for a drug crime, contact the law offices of the Wichita criminal lawyer today to discuss your drug crimes case.