It seems like almost every day there’s a breaking news report of a sting or an arrest of criminals accused of fraud. Fraud crimes can be charged under the banner of a variety of criminal categories. If you are facing a charge for fraud in the Wichita area, contact the law office of the Wichita criminal attorney as soon as possible.

The Wichita criminal lawyer has successfully defended clients accused of such fraudulent acts as:

Fraud is a form of theft. Credit card fraud or writing bad checks is a form of financial theft. Identify theft is obviously a form of stealing someone else’s identity. When you are facing charges for such crimes, it is incredibly important to the integrity of your record to hire an experienced Wichita lawyer immediately.

Becoming convicted of fraud has many consequences other than jail time or a fine. If you are convicted of embezzlement (employee theft) it could completely destroy your professional career. Banks and other financial institutions could deny you loans and other services for having a financial theft crime on your record.

The Wichita criminal lawyer will fight the fraud charges against you with an armory of sharpened investigation, examination, and negotiation skills. Our firm will fight for the best possible outcome for your case.

If you are a facing a fraud charge, appoint an attorney with a proven record. Contact the law office of the Wichita criminal lawyer today to begin your case.