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Wichita Parole Violations Defense Lawyer

Parole violations are a potentially very serious offense; depending on the nature of the violation, an offender could find him or herself back in prison.  If you or someone you love has violated their parole, contact us here at the law office of the Wichita criminal lawyer today.

Even if you have not been arrested for your parole violation, contact our office anyway to go over your legal options.  In the state of Kansas, a parole violation could be any of the following:

Sometimes parole violations are just accidents or due to circumstances beyond the parolee’s control.  Your parole violation does not have to put you back in prison with the right attorney.  The Wichita criminal lawyer works quickly in every parole violations case to build a strong body of evidence to prove to the court that you do not deserve to go back to prison.

Our legal team will make every effort to prove to the court that you are deserving of a second chance. 

If you make a mistake and violate your parole, you need an experienced Wichita criminal lawyer to keep you from going back to prison.  Contact the law office of the Wichita criminal lawyer to discuss your case today.