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Wichita White Collar Crime Lawyer

It seems every month or so there is a new story on CNN about a government or business official getting busted for a white collar crime.  While many of these cases are high-profile, even the average citizen can also be guilty of a white collar crime.

If you or someone you love has been arrested or is under investigation for a white collar crime in the Wichita area, contact us here at the law office of the Wichita criminal defense lawyer to discuss your case.

White collar crimes are those crimes committed by government or business officials for personal financial gain.  Common white-collar crimes involve some sort of fraud such as ponzi schemes, insider trading, mortgage fraud, and tax fraud. 

An aide to the mayor may take a bribe to influence a decision or a chairman may unlawfully make a deal with a stockholder—these are instances of white collar crime.

If you know that you are under investigation, stop what you’re doing immediately and appoint a lawyer.  It is better to appoint legal representation than attempt to fix the situation on your own or go to the police on your own.  Only an attorney can protect your interests.

The sentencing for a white collar crime depends greatly on the type of crime that was committed.  You could possibly face prison time, fines, government possession of funds, tax audits, lost assets, and the loss of your professional reputation. 

If you are facing a charge for a white collar crime, contact our office to speak with the Wichita criminal defense lawyer today.